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Here are some of the most frequent questions about our services. If you can't find the answer you are looking for please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us page. There is usually always someone in the office to take your call or reply to emails.

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Why are you so cheap? Our websites are preformatted Flash and HTML/Javascript templates. We use templates either created by our company team, or by other partner webmasters across the internet. It comes down to cost, in comparison, a full website created from scratch will cost you anywhere from $2000 to $4500 for a basic template. When we use pre-made templates for a project it cuts that same cost down to $60. Here's our pricing model of where your $250 is spent:

What we do Time involved Cost
Choosing & Purchasing the Template 30 minutes - 1 hour $60
Tuning the Website to your Company Needs 8 hours $96
Domain Registration (.com, .net, .org, etc.) 30 minutes $10
Hosting your website for 1 year free   $84
    Total = $250

Why don't you do php, asp, or other web page formats? We do, but you'll pay accordingly. The time involved will bring your cost up to at least $2000 for a design. We charge a flat rate of $17 per hour so it is very hard to estimate a price. All websites written in php, asp, or other advanced programming forms require a $500 deposit even to start your web design. You will be able to find someone certified with documentation if you interested in this feature. Here are some of the certifications we hold in our company.

Language Website # of Designers
Zend PHP Certification 1
ASP Developer Certificate 2
  w3schools Certificate  


I have other websites, can I do the work and host it on your servers? Sure you can, we charge $12/month on hosting. If your website requires more bandwidth we will charge accordingly.

Can you guarantee me the first hit on Google and/or other search engines? It depends on your business and what you're offering. The more unique it is, the better the results. If you're offering health insurance, home loans, mortgage refinancing... something very competitive like that, we'll have to focus on your uniqueness to make your site stand out. Our goal is to at least get you on the first page of the search engines. The world wide web is a huge place, We do our best to make your site stands out as much as possible.

What's the total out-of-pocket costs for a typical 5-page website? Flat $250... We will never bill you more than $250 unless you require more pages, more content updates, additional hosting space, or domain registrations.

Are there any long term contracts? No, once you pay the $250 dollars you have all legal rights to it. You may take it and host it anywhere, but if you do transfer to a different host and want us to update your content, we will add a $15 additional charge per update. The domain name you choose is yours, we will transfer it anywhere it needs to go at no charge. You do not have legal rights to sell the website template, under our contract to use the template for designs we can only design one website so that contract must be honored by you. Don't mistake this with selling the whole website, because you certainly can.

I don't know anything about websites or marketing, do you charge extra for marketing consulting? Not at all, if you would like to learn more on how you may market your website efficiently give us a call, we will be happy to help you.

Can I have email addresses that match my domain name? We use secure contact forms that bounce to any email address you request. We will also set up to 10 email aliases ( that also bounce to your specified email account(s).

Can I sell stuff on my website you design? Sure, but depending on how you would like to do it you may be looking at an extra $250 setup fee for the time involved. Let us know from the start and setup a way to build around it, if you tell us later you may be looking at a major website redesign. Adding PayPal or Google Checkout buttons is free.

I want to put lots of images and videos on my website. I know that takes up lots of space, is that extra? That's a case by case situation. Most of the time it's not a problem, and no extra charges, but we will inform you if we have to increase disk space on the server.

I want to sell advertisements on my website, can you set that up for me? Yes, when we setup your account those advertisments will be installed and included in the $250 price. Afterwards, anything you want to add you will be charged our normal rate of $17 per hour. 1 hour minimum charge.

Can you keep track who visits my site? Yes, we install Google Analytics into every website for free. We will give you a username and password to use to login to Google and see many useful features.

Can you copy another website that I like for my use? No. If you like that site, contact that designer (usually their email address is webmaster @ <the site you like>) and get them to make one for you. It's their design and it's copyrighted.

What if I want to completely overhaul and change my website in a few months, is there an extra charge for that? Yes. If it requires more than 20% overall website changes, we charge for a whole website which is $250. Maybe less but there will be a charge, all depends on time.

How long does it take to get my site up and running? 7 days. We can get you up and running within 7 days but will continue to tweak the website to enhance quality. We don't like to rush websites to the point of producing poor quality designs, but after 7 days we guarantee the quality will be there.

Do you offer discounts to charities or non-profit organizations? $250 is already at a large discounted price, as seen in our FAQ of why our websites are so cheap we only make on average $120 profit per design. Any lower and we would could qualify yourself as non-for-profit.

Will you show me how to use website software, for a reasonable charge? It's much easier to design the site than to teach how to design a site. It would be cheaper for you to take a local college course or buy an instructional DVD.

Are your website servers hack proof? We have very expensive firewall's setup but no site is hack proof. There are some crazies out there with nothing better to do. If you feel like your website has been hacked, we will investigate and refund any money you've paid us for development. No Server, domain registration, or website template charges can be refunded.

What is required by me to start the website design process? Just fill out the green text box on the top of this page, we will design a new website using your existing content on an old website. If you require all new content or don't have an old website, just click on the Create All New Content button in that form.

Do you make adult sites? No, we will not... We bring our children and wives to work with us sometimes and do not want that kind of thing around. It seems odd to us that so many people request adult sites so be will put it in bold print. NO ADULT SITES!

What makes you any better than those other discount website designers? Well first of all there are no other companies that charge a flat rate of $250. Beside from the cost, we use built in marketing methods that produce large results. Most of our web designers came into this business as marketers and are very savvy, we love working hard and providing quality features with every website.

You mentioned you'll accept barter services, what does that mean? If your around Albany, New York and have something you think we could use as a company let us know. We have had people provide us with beautiful dinners, gym memberships, and much more including $250 worth of candy! We like to think we are old school and bartering services is fun and entertaining to us! contact us here:

Why do web designers charge so much? Most companies charge so much because they have great reputations and website showrooms. We would charge the same if we didn't use pre-made templates, we are able to cut down the template design to $60 down from $2500.

Can we do business together via email only? Sure, most of our customers only use email and we've developed great communication methods with it.



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