Catskills Interior Design
Catskills Interior was built in early 2009 as solely an advertising piece for a local furniture company. This website is is a fine example of SEO marketing because it is only targeted towards interior design in the Catskill mountains. With this $250 website the furniture company now gains over 200 unique visitors per month and generate large full home redecorating sales for the company. This $250 investment on their part now generates over $15,000 per year! This website requires no updating, just $10/month in hosting!
This furniture company went further to capitalize on their success and created 10 similar flash interior design websites around their location. If you happen to be a furniture company you have probably just learned a great marketing strategy. For the price of one weeks advertisements in a local newspaper, you could gain an entire website that will gain traffic forever. is a modern version of an older HTML website created in the 90's. The resort was looking for a futuristic design that complimented their recently renovated Irish country motel. Hogan's motel is located in East Durham, New York so the flash website design implements great photos of the area and surroundings.
This is a classical form of Flash design due to it's basic 5 page layout. We added an additional page Local attractions in HTML format. The SEO features we installed on this website took off very well. Within 3 months of its creation it has taken top placements in large volume keywords such as: Hogan's motel, Catskills motel, and East Durham NY. Without all the flash graphics and great looks, this website paid for itself just in natural organic advertising through SEO. This website brings in an additional 100 visitors per month and is still growing and gaining better positions in Search Engines.

Catskills Interior Design
Keeping the tradition alive. This is a beautiful website that uses a cross of flash and HTML mix. The results are amazing and make this website stand out in a crowd. This company is a non-for-profit organization that really needed a lower cost website but never expected to get such a great design. The website attracts over 300 visitors per day and the visitor feedback makes this website one of our greatest successes. The total cost of this website was $940 due to the 30+ added pages, advanced flash checkout system, and newsletter feature.
If you were every looking for a great website to just browse around and read content, this website is very entertaining. The projects they have accomplished and the future projects that will come to be. If your of Irish American decent, we urge you to visit this website and learn more about the living Irish village.

Catskills Interior Design is a strictly HTML website that was created to offer specific reviews for products. The client set it up so if the visitors bought something through the many affiliate links on the website, she would earn a commission for that sale. If you every had a passion for writing, here's your calling! Many people who claim they work at home do this exact thing and make great money at doing it. As this website may only generate $40 per month for the client. You have to consider this website will be online forever! That $40 per month turns into over $6000 on a 10 year run.

Many people in affiliate marketing create 50-100 of these website a year, creating a great income. We ourselves at create websites like this for ourselves when we have free time. It's a great way to make money, and at a $250 investment it's not much of a risk at all. We welcome all affiliate marketers!

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