Our 7 Day Guarantee

Our 7 day guarantee is quite simple. If your web site is not at least in the third stage of development by 7 days we will give you the web site for free! Our guarantee only covers development charges, not hosting & domain registrations. You can read more about what is covered in our Terms of Use. Here are the list of stages:

  • Stage 1: We have received all information provided from the Build a Web site form. And begin designing a template for your business Industry.
  • Stage 2: We have completed the template and all Title pages, contact forms, and supplied all text areas with dummy text or the content you have provided from the form.
  • Stage 3: We have contacted the client and asked if there are any content updates they would like to replace and/or add to any pages. At this time you may replace all dummy text with your own information.


What is dummy text?

Don't be offended with all this talk of dummy text! We install temporary text to fill in text area on each page until you are ready to supply your own content.

Our average completion time for all 3 stages for a normal 5 page web site is 7 Days.

*Any Website over 5 pages, or a website with a CMS, is not eligable to our 7 day guarantee.

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