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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has the highest strength of all makreting methods online today. The beauty of SEO is that once the work has been applied, it lasts forever with your website. Unlike other forms of online advertising where your advertisment leaves when the funds run out, SEO will last forever as long as your company website exists.

What is onsite Search Engine Optimization?

Onsite SEO (included free with every website we build) sets your website up to compete in Search Engine listings. For example, if your website sells "blue widgets" we embed the text "blue widgets" throughout your website to boost what is called "Keyword Density". Keyword density tells search engines what words you are qualified to rank on and then compares your website with other websites bidding on that phrase or keywords. If your website is of higher quality and has a higher number of "offsite SEO" backlinks, you claim the position and get all the traffic that comes along with it.

What is Offsite Search Engine Optimization?

Offsite Search Engine Optimization basically means the amount of other sites on the web that link to your website. If your competitor has been around for a few years they probably have a few backlinks across the web and they will out-rank you in Search Engine listings. We now offer a service that charges per hour to help you

Hire us by the hour to do your Offsite SEO.


Depending on how many backlinks (any internet website linking to yours) you need to get more than your competitor, we will work at a low rate of $40/link to secure your top position.

Here is a tool to check your competitors website to see how many backlinks they have, just enter in their domain name in the "Your Domain Field"

Now that you have an idea of how many links you need, you can hire us by the hour to make backlinks for you.

We guarantee at least PR3 quality backlinks:

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